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Response Times

CityAverage Load TimeLast Load TimeLast Recorded
Annapolis, MD0.25 seconds0.22 seconds
Atlanta, GA0.13 seconds0.11 seconds
Auckland, New Zealand0.44 seconds0.34 seconds
Bedford, NH0.18 seconds0.18 seconds
Boise, ID0.32 seconds0.26 seconds
Brussels, Belgium0.21 seconds0.21 seconds
Bucharest, Romania0.35 seconds0.26 seconds
Buenos Aires, Argentina0.42 seconds0.43 seconds
Calgary, Canada0.34 seconds0.34 seconds
Charlotte, NC0.21 seconds0.36 seconds
Chicago, IL0.16 seconds0.17 seconds
Columbus, OH0.25 seconds0.23 seconds
Dallas, TX0.22 seconds0.14 seconds
Denver, CO0.3 seconds0.12 seconds
Dublin, Ireland0.28 seconds0.27 seconds
Frankfurt, Germany0.22 seconds0.25 seconds
Halifax, Canada0.22 seconds0.2 seconds
Helsinki, Finland0.25 seconds0.22 seconds
Honolulu, HI0.66 seconds0.46 seconds
Las Vegas, NV0.29 seconds0.32 seconds
Lisbon, Portugal0.42 seconds0.27 seconds
London, England0.27 seconds0.18 seconds
Los Angeles, CA0.17 seconds0.21 seconds
Madrid, Spain0.31 seconds0.35 seconds
Manchester, England0.22 seconds0.18 seconds
Melbourne, Australia0.33 seconds0.33 seconds
Miami, FL0.29 seconds0.36 seconds
Milan, Italy0.27 seconds0.24 seconds
Milwaukee, WI0.31 seconds0.03 seconds
Montreal, Canada0.22 seconds0.24 seconds
Munich, Germany0.31 seconds0.36 seconds
New Orleans, LA0.29 seconds0.49 seconds
New York, NY0.17 seconds0.11 seconds
Oslo, Norway0.28 seconds0.23 seconds
Paris, France0.2 seconds0.15 seconds
Philadelphia, PA0.19 seconds0.22 seconds
Phoenix, AZ0.26 seconds0.26 seconds
Pittsburgh, PA0.15 seconds0.2 seconds
Prague, Czech Republic0.22 seconds0.46 seconds
St. Louis, MO0.29 seconds0.19 seconds
Stockholm, Sweden0.27 seconds0.3 seconds
Tampa, FL0.18 seconds0.21 seconds
Tokyo, Japan0.48 seconds0.54 seconds
Toronto, Canada0.17 seconds0.15 seconds
Vancouver, Canada0.32 seconds0.34 seconds
Zurich, Switzerland0.24 seconds0.32 seconds

What do the numbers mean?

The API response time represents how long it took the monitoring servers to ping MailChimp's API v3.0.

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