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Response Times

CityAverage Load TimeLast Load TimeLast Recorded
Amsterdam, Netherlands-Azure4.06 seconds3.49 seconds
Buenos Aires, Argentina17.2 seconds17.47 seconds
Calgary, Canada15.39 seconds16.6 seconds
Chicago, IL3.53 seconds3.31 seconds
Dallas, TX14.88 seconds17.31 seconds
Denver, CO10.06 seconds9.1 seconds
Detroit, MI8.15 seconds8.27 seconds
London, England8.9 seconds13.06 seconds
Los Angeles, CA5.79 seconds6.02 seconds
Manchester, England20.53 seconds18.76 seconds
Miami, FL13.34 seconds12.73 seconds
Minneapolis, MN9.06 seconds9.42 seconds
New Orleans, LA15.6 seconds19.34 seconds
Philadelphia, PA7.84 seconds8.84 seconds
Phoenix, AZ11.9 seconds11.26 seconds
San Francisco, CA10.98 seconds3.28 seconds
Seattle, WA10.72 seconds10.09 seconds
Sydney, Australia12.18 seconds6.69 seconds
Tampa, FL5.53 seconds5.74 seconds

What do the numbers mean?

MailChimp has thousands of servers, many carriers, and uses Akamai to deliver our applications. We're rarely down. More commonly, users have issues connecting to one of our servers. So instead of just giving you little red and green status circles, we use "Cycle Times" which are based on how long it takes a user in one of the locations above to:

  1. Log in
  2. Visit the dashboard
  3. View campaigns
  4. View reports
  5. View a single report
  6. Return to the dashboard
  7. Log out

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